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Teltonika RUT955 4G LTE RS232/RS485 Router

212.00 (excl. VAT)

Professional rugged Dual-SIM 4G/LTE & WiFi cellular router. This highly secure and reliable industrial device is equipped with Ethernet, Digital & Analogue I/Os, RS232, RS485, GNSS (GPS), microSD and USB interfaces.

Socket: EU, GB

RUT955 is a highly reliable and secure 4G/LTE router with I/O, GNSS and RS232/RS485 intended for professional applications. The device delivers high performance, mission-critical cellular communication and GPS location capabilities and is equipped with connectivity redundancy through Dual-SIM failover. External antenna connectors make it possible to attach desired antennas and to easily find the best signal location.

Teltonika RUT955 – Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Korea, Thailand version. Not Suitable for US market.


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